Below is a list of the names of those who donated to contribute to the making of this album, Part The Second, by maudlin of the Well. Without the generosity of these people, this album would not have been possible.

This list was compiled via your Paypal registration names. If your name is misspelled, misstated, or missing from this list, please let us know right away (Email Toby at kayodot dot net)

It was our absolute pleasure to create this recording for you, the fans!

and now, the Part The Second EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS (Listed in Alphabetical Order by First Name). This album is dedicated to you:

A.R. Rebello
Aldo Arevalo
Alex Bennett
Andreas Lundgren
Andrew Bertrand
Andrew James Child
Anthony Mercuri
Austin Feula
Brad Beamont
Brian Linehan
Bruno Calgaro
Chris Elmore
Chris Garrett
Daniel Elder
Daniel Mahony
Daniel Prusina
David Estep
David Gainor
David Ivall
David Johnson
David Kaufman
David Taylor
Davida Grimes
Delon Jacquez
Derek Murphy
Derek Vizzi
Diogo Lopes
Dominic Leibel
Elena Schulz
Eric Furbish
Eric Laurin
Etienne Dube
Evan Hopkins
Florian Toyka
Forbes Graham
Grant Phipps
Gustian Lathouwers
Hal Hlavinka
Harold Niver
Henry Valdes
Hicran Karaosmanoglu
Jake Smith
Jalmari Vattulainen
James Boulstridge
James Hitch
Jared Dillon
Jarryd Bird
Jason Reinhart
Jed Levin
Jeremiah Cymerman
Jimmy Matthews
Josh Loewenhagen
Joshua Biddinger
Joshua Crouch
Julie McMahon
Justin Harbinson
Kyle Gilats
Lars Kinn Ekroll
Maciek and Michal Matyszczak
Manaf Al-Obaidi
Marty Valenti
Mason Clarke
Matt McKeogh
Matt Serra
Maxime Beaudouin
Michael Houlding
Pascal Gagnon-Doiron
Phoebe Aster Skylake
Phil Kimball Jr.
Radoslaw Wlodkowski
Remy Turpault
Ricardo Clemente
Robert Rosenthal
Russell Park
Ryan Cutchen
Sanni Laaksonen
Sean Thibaudeau
Sergiu Dumitriu
Stefan Manojlovic
Steven Bednarczyk
Sue Goessling
Tamas Vilaghy
Vincent Verweij
William Labbe
William Nicastro
Zain Alam
Zane Ferrier